Jump Start Your Body From Within

Energy & Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery is an important part of your body’s overall health and wellness especially if you are an athlete or living an active lifestyle. During exercise your body uses your muscle’s ability to burn fuels to keep going. This process can leave you exhausted and even in pain after a tough workout. Professional athletes often rely on more then just rest and rehydration to repair muscles for the next workout.

In addition to the primary ingredients in Body RepairRX, our patented formula contains 19 amino acids that are known to help muscles during the recovery process. Our patented formula includes L-Malic Acid, a substance naturally found in your body, which is known to aid in muscle recovery.  A daily dose of our all-natural liquid formula may help you get back out there and enjoy your active lifestyle sooner with less downtime.

Increased Energy

Our specialized Type I hydrolyzed collagen provides essential amino acids that support energy production. Some Body RepairRX clients have also claimed to have more energy after taking Body RepairRX regularly than they did before taking the product.

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