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Dr. George D. Petito

Dr. George D. Petito is the inventor of the triple patented Body RepairRX® product.  Dr. Petito has been viewed as a renowned expert on collagen/glycosaminoglycan chemistry, which is the core of the Body RepairRX® ingredient profile. 

For over 30 years, Dr. Petito was closely involved in the discovery of usefulness for and manufacturing processes of these compounds.  His expertise led to the formation of Hymed®, a R&D company founded in 1995, which is a leading manufacturer of collagen, hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycan products for advancing human and animal health.  His vision was to provide cutting edge chondroprotective agents which support and/or enhance the connective tissue matrix in humans and animals through topical and injectable solutions.  Hymed® has produced 14 products and formed strong partnerships for distribution around the world.

In 1998, Dr. Petito’s daughter, Anita M. Petito, formed Applied Nutritionals, LLC, a sister company which focused on developing nutritional products that enhance the efficacy of topical/injectable solutions that Hymed® manufactures. Her belief is that benefits/healing of the body would be optimized through this system approach.  Applied Nutritionals utilizes the power of science and nature to provide the highest quality products.   Dr. Petito created a cutting edge liquid solution providing joint support for animals based on Anita’s concept and decided to expand to the human retail sector due to the success of the formula.

Body RepairRX® is the premier product available for body wellness which provides all of the compounds of connective tissue in a liquid for fast absorption.  Ingredients were carefully chosen and combined by Dr. Petito in this formula in a synergistic manner which aid the body in supporting joint, muscle, bone, skin, hair and nail health by aiding in new cell development and repair.   The corporate philosophy is “revitalize your body from within.”  A powerful ingredient, “hyCURE®,” is a specialized hydrolyzed collagen that has been added to all of Dr. Petito’s nutritional formulas with widespread recognition for its healing abilities.   Dr. Petito continues to work with collagen/glycosaminoglycan chemistry for development of other products to be introduced in the near future. 

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